Mobile App

Our mobile app contains the full deck of BJJ Cards.

Plus, if you are a member of a Zenith BJJ school, ask your instructor for the password to unlock the belt test section and hundreds of instructional videos, all for free!

This is for people that practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, all ages and all belt levels. Draw a card at the beginning of training, then try to complete your card while rolling. Meanwhile, you opponent is trying to complete their card at the same time!

Customize your deck to your level or only include techniques you want to work on. Use the cards to give your training focus and identify areas where you need to improve.

The deck includes 50 cards.

  • 10 white level: The focus is working from specific positions.
  • 10 blue level: The focus is on specific submissions.
  • 10 purple level: This level adds sweeps and half guard.
  • 10 brown level: These cards introduce straight leg locks.
  • 10 black level: This level includes slicers and more attacks below the waist.